Heidi Saltzman, PhD

About Heidi

Heidi Saltzman, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with a full-time, private practice in Evergreen, Colorado.

Dr. Saltzman uses a client-centered approach, and she includes insight-oriented therapy, relaxation, mindfulness, visualization, setting intentions, cognitive techniques, behavioral changes, dream interpretation, art therapy, play therapy and EMDR in treatment as appropriate.

Dr. Saltzman works collaboratively and holistically with people of all ages, exploring emotional, behavioral, mental and spiritual factors. She has had a private practice in Evergreen since 2003, and has been practicing psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, children and families since 1995.


Heidi Saltzman grew up in Conifer, Colorado. She was inspired to be a therapist by her aunt who was a clinical psychologist. After graduating from Evergreen High School, she attended Cornell University in upstate New York, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont.

Dr. Saltzman completed her dissertation on re-victimization, studying the high rate of women who are sexually abused as children and later sexually assaulted as adults. She held an internship at the VA Medical Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, helping Vietnam veterans deal with their trauma reactions in an intensive inpatient setting. Dr. Saltzman then worked for nine years with at-risk children and families in a school setting through a community mental health organization in Colorado. She has been in private practice in Evergreen since 2003.
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Phone: (303) 810-5856
Office hours: Dr. Saltzman is available for appointments from 10am-8pm Weds-Friday.
Mailing address: PO Box 854 Conifer CO 80433
Practice address: 28000 Meadow Drive, Suite 9
Evergreen CO 80439
Dr. Saltzman shares an office suite with one other therapist in a building with a private entrance and waiting room.
The office is handicapped accessible.
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Services Provided

  • Free walking meditation group
  • Mini Retreats: Expansion and Liberation through mindful presence and free expression in nature
  • Group Art Therapy in the park
  • Individual therapy for adults, children and adolescents
  • Family and couple's therapy
  • Treatment for: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief and loss, Behavioral problems, Sleep problems, Attention problems, Stress management, Gender and sexual identity issues
  • Dr. Saltzman can also support anyone looking for increased self-understanding and emotional balance
Techniques used: Mindfulness and mediation practices, Insight-oriented therapy, Cognitive techniques including awareness and intention setting, Coping skills, Relaxation techniques, Spiritual guidance, Behavioral changes, Dream interpretation, Art therapy, Sound therapy, Play therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Family systems techniques and EMDR


It's a matter of perspective. Sometimes problems seem too big to tackle or dreams seem too distant to grasp. This is not necessarily true.

Like our bodies, our minds have a natural tendency toward health and healing over time, but we can get stuck in old patterns or perspectives that can derail that natural healing process.

We all have baggage from experiences and relationships throughout our lives that impact how we respond to current circumstances, some healthy, others not so healthy. For example, childhood trauma can leave an adult vulnerable to difficulties in relationships, functioning, self-esteem, coping and overall life satisfaction. Dr. Saltzman believes that all relationships and behaviors are affected by the expectations developed in the past, and she helps clients understand and release old patterns and learn to gain a new perspective.

A safe and structured environment in which to explore your patterns of being can be the key to living a more emotionally healthy life and connecting to others in present time.

It is important to let yourself experience your 'negative' emotions, so you don't get stuck in them. And it's important to have space from them as well. You can't be in gratitude and anger at the same time, nor can you be in love and fear at the same time. Thus, taking time to build positive coping skills and to find enjoyment in life can help balance looking at the difficult changes that need to be made in your life.

Dr. Saltzman believes in the mind-body connection and feels we can heal best when we address the mind, body and spirit together.


Dr Saltzman accepts private pay as well as the following insurance payers:
Anthem BC/BS, United, Cigna, Medicare, Tricare, Aetna, CHP+, Mines, Cofinity, Victim’s Compensation, PHCS, and self-pay.
Dr. Saltzman accepts cash and checks (sorry, no credit cards) and will work with private pay clients on a sliding scale if necessary.

Cancellation Policy
Dr. Saltzman requests 24 hours notice for any cancelled appointments. The full fee (not co-pay) will be charged if the appointment is not cancelled 24 hours in advance, except in case of snowstorms.

Privacy Statement
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Mini Retreats

Expansion and Liberation through mindful presence and free expression in nature

The Idea
Expansion and Liberation half-day retreats help people express themselves, release old patterns and learn radical self-acceptance. I have been a clinical "talk" psychologist for 20 years and find that while it is helpful and important in many circumstances, a lot of people are too "in their heads," or analytical and focused on the problem or what's not working. In my clinical practice, I have been in the business of accepting and validating clients, and I have come to believe it would be even more helpful if people could learn to accept and validate themselves. I often recommend mindfulness and being in nature, so I have created a new group therapy technique to help people be present, learn non-attachment and trust their inner guidance. My vision is that through mindfulness practices, journaling, sacred sound, non-attached art therapy, meditative walking, breath work, and visualization, people can see their deeper selves and learn to feel whole as who they are now -- to see that there is more to them than the self that is defined by their thoughts or their story.

The Process
Half-day retreats where you can express yourself freely, release old patterns and learn radical self-acceptance.

In these mini-retreats, with a small group, you will learn to calm the mind, be true to yourself without judgment, and create your own reality through choice of thought and visioning.

Together we will use the healing power of nature, movement, breath, meditation, sacred sound, painting, visioning and energy flow to be present with all our senses and restore our minds and bodies. Non-goal directed art, music and journaling will help process feelings and thoughts while allowing free expression without judgment. Through mindfulness and acceptance practices, you will get to know and love your deeper divine self.

FOR QUESTIONS / TO REGISTER: Call Dr. Heidi at 303-810-5856


EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming, is a highly effective, clinically proven technique that helps people process traumatic memories. While the memory remains, the emotional intensity and the meaning can shift. One of the important elements is "dual stimulation," using eye movements, sound tones or tactile vibrations going from one side of the body (and therefore the brain) to the other. The client thinks about memories or traumas while experiencing the bilateral stimulation. This technique actually changes the way the memories are stored in the brain. Clients generally experience new insights, changes in emotion associated with the memories, changes in perspective, and/or new associations. Thus, clients can move away from the pain and patterns created by the trauma and create a new way of being in their lives.

Directions from I-70
From I-70, take the Evergreen Parkway exit and follow Hwy 74 (Evergreen Parkway) south for approximately 8 miles. Before the lake, take a left on Douglas Park Road and follow the paved road, which becomes Meadow Drive. On the right you will see a big wooden office complex, Evergreen Office Park, at 28000 Meadow Drive. Look for the Evergreen Consultants sign.

Directions from Conifer
Take Hwy 73 to downtown Evergreen, then turn right at the light and go toward Kittredge. Turn left on Meadow Drive at the Bradley gas station and Sundance Gardens. Evergreen Office Park is a big wooden office complex on the left, at 28000 Meadow Drive. Look for the Evergreen Consultants sign.

Dr. Saltzman is in Suite 9, all the way to the right in the front of the building.